Music Festival in Germany

Summer Music Festival in Germany in Sulzbach-Rosenberg July 28 through August 9th 2020

I am looking forward to teach and perform this summer in Germany in Sulzbach-Rosenberg at the InterHarmony International Music Festival July 28th- August 9th 2020.

Students who may be interested to sign up into my Class and need more information please feel free to contact me via email

This is an amazing Music Festival and I will encourage all my students and those who would love to participate to register. It will be an amazing experience for you and great learning opportunities.  You will have a great opportunities to participate in concerts which is not mandatory.You don’t need to perform if you don’t want but of cause I will greatly encourage you to perform at the Student Concerts.. We will have series of Student Concerts at the Festival. I will be teaching Piano and also Chamber Music Class. You can register in my class and we will start preparing.

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Looking forward to this amazing event.

With Best Wishes Dr. Yulia Lipmanovich